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Learn the secrets of hackers with practical examples

  • How to brute force a password using a dictionary
  • How to predict user sessions and steal data from other users
  • Directory Transversal: How to steal the passwords file
  • XSS attack : How to steal the user’s cookie
  • SQL injection: Destroy user data with a well crafted SQL query!
  • Stack overflow: Force the system to log you in, even with the wrong password
  • A simulation of the Heartbleed bug: Read hidden & secret data
  • Heap overflow: Read a secret file you are banned from reading, by overflowing the internal memory buffers

and more:

  • How to prevent all the attacks above
  • General principles on writing secure code
  • How to store passwords safely
  • How code is compiled, how we go from high level to assembly to machine language.

You will be provided a virtual machine with all the code, so you can start practicing immediately.

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