Python Flask Tutorial

Build a web app in Python

We will create a simple Python Flask based blog.

The problem with most tutorials is that they jump straight into the deep end, showing you how to install libraries and configure advanced options, before you have even understood the basics. I will avoid that, by avoiding all libraries and sticking to pure Python and Flask.

In every tutorial, the approach will be the same. I will upload a video, as well as text (for those who can’t see the video for whatever reason).

I strongly recommend you view the videos first, as you can see me typing the code live (mistakes and all). If the text confuses you, you can see how I did it in the video.

Note: I will take several shortcuts and hacks that we would not take in a real application. 

This is what we will build (the blog, not pacman! 🙂 ):

The chapters in the tutorial:

1. Hello World in Flask We’ll build a simple app that displays hello world on the screen.

2. Templates in Flask We see how templates can be used to extend HTML, and generate web pages dynamically.

3. Create a simple login system We create a super secure, unhackable login system (not).

4. Protect your secret page – Stop people from directly going to the secret page.

5. Create a mini blog – Using a top secret database technology.

6. Pretty up the code with Bootstrap – No code here, just some HTML changes.

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