If You Want A Job With A Top Software Company

You Need To Move Beyond Making Toy Apps


Stop building toy apps.

If you want a top job, you need to show that you have the skills to handle complex projects.

Introducing the Python Apprenticeship Program.

Many beginners ask: I know the basics of Python. What next?

They are told to build toy projects, or solve mathematical problems, like print all the prime numbers from 1 to 100. You can just imagine a hiring manager going:

OMG! This fella knows how to print Prime Numbers. Let’s offer him a job right now!

Yeah, never gonna happen.

I’ve worked with and trained beginners for years now, and I know the skills they lack. I also know the best way to impress your next boss is to have a great project you can show them, something that shows them (not tells them) that you have the skills to tackle big projects.

Based on this knowledge, I’ve built the Python Apprenticeship program. It’s a 24 week (6 month) program. The program is email based, and each week you will get an email with a video and excercises. You do the excercies, send them back to me for review, and I’ll give you personal feedback.

In addition to learning basic skills, you will be building 3 main projects:

1. Your own library based on top of Requests (a web scraping library), installable via pip

2. A clone of Ansible, the Devops tool

3. A webapp that will compare the share price of different companies and graph them.

(More details below).

And a Bonus (for a short term only): Create Your Best Selling Blog

I’ve taken my blog from 50k visitors to 150k visitors, even though I’ve written fewer blogs. Proof? click here.

My blog also ranks on Google for many terms related to Python.

Now, I don’t just write a blog and pray someone reads it. I follow a step by step formula which includes researching what to write, how to promote, finish the writing on time etc.

I’ll be sharing this formula in Create Your Best Selling Blog, a course that will be available in January 2017. It’s a bonus only available to the Python Apprenticeship students. I’m expecting this bonus course to take another 3-6 months, on top of the 6 months of the main course.

The final length of the course will be around 9-12 months, including the free bonus.

How much will it cost?

Now let’s come to the crux. You will be getting 9-12 months of email support to build your skills, a few cool projects and a great blog. If you joined a bootcamp, you would be charged $10-2000, plus leave your job.

The Python Apprenticeship can be done at your home, and will cost (click on the links to go to the payment page):

$497 one time payment


6 monthly payments of $99

These fees will rise in 2017.

For this you will be getting one on one support, build your programming skills, build a few projects you can show to your next boss. And for a short time only, you’ll get the bonus that will teach you step by step how you can build your blog.

Want more details?

Detailed Syllabus: Click here

The Python Apprenticeship program is currently closed. Because I offer personal feedback to everyone involved, I only run the classes a few times a year.

Contact me to be put on the waiting list. Click here