Programmer Masterclass

This section is for experienced programmers, who are either looking to move up the food chain, or hoping to start their own business. I will try to show you that if you want to rise above the level of code monkey, you will need to learn other things than just coding.

Rule By Committee: The best way to kill teams – A guest post for

What do you do if you break Production Code? You will one day, so you might as well be prepared.

 How to overcome mind numbing depression The dirty word that no one wants to talk about.

How to survive a job you absolutely hate  The normal advice is to give the finger and quit, but I think that is bad advice.

How to overcome shyness as a programmer – Programmers are a shy bunch, but this shyness holds them back in the corporate world.

3 things every programmer must learn (and no one teaches you) : It took me ten years to learn this, you can read about it in ten minutes.

Learning to Program Humans : Humans have their own rules, and this post shows you how you can effectively work with humans.

You’re not special, and no one cares about you :  If you want to succeed as a programmer, you will need to learn that you are no snowflake.


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