The Cow terminator

Welcome to the MooTorial, a basic tutorial for Python, written by cows.

I wrote the tutorial as a laugh– to see if I could teach Python to the LolCode generation.

The guide is written as an interactive story. Follow the story and do the exercises.  And within minutes, you will most certainly (not) master Python.

To start off, install Python .

Note: You must type the Python commands. Don’t even think about copy pasting. You will miss a lot of subtleties if you do.

Start Here

Chapter 1: In which a cow surprises you 

Chapter 2: The Time traveling cow

Chapter 3: Greedy banker strings

Chapter 4: More on strings and donkeys

Chapter 5: Crooks R Us Bank & Lists

Chapter 6: Orc functions

Chapter 7: Dictionaries, Locks, and Gobbledygook

Chapter 8: Python vs the Zombies

Chapter 9: The Doggy-Nator and List Comprehensions

Chapter 10: In which you Eval the Doggy


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