Data Science Made Easy

“Why does every Data Science course assume You have a PhD in Statistics and/or Mathematics?”

— Actual quote from frustrated learner

Data science is hard. We get it. It’s hard even if you already have a good foundation already.

But it’s made harder by the way it is taught.

“I tried to study data analysis, but got confused by the extremely technical graduate level mathematical books with Greek symbols and summation signs.”

— Another quote from actual student


What if you could:

  • You could learn from real world projects?
  • Everything you learnt was immediately usable?
  • You could learn key skills that could help you get a job today? (And not 5 years later, once you have finished your PhD course)

Data Science via Practical Projects

Learn data science via practical projects you can apply immediately.  Learn how to apply your knowledge in the real world. Get practice sessions so you can practice applying your knowledge.

What Will You be Studying?

A small sample of topics we will cover:

  • Build a Sentiment Analysis App
  • Analyse the Enron Email corpus ( Half a million files, 2.5GB)
  • Build a Spam Filter
  • Web scraping
  • Automating the browser, so you can click buttons, login etc
  • Graphing in the browser
  • Parallel Processing, setting up web servers to parallelise tasks
  • … and more!

And  we will cover topics like machine learning, data munging, data gathering, and the other facets of data science.

Will it work for you? Give it a try. Try out the free videos here. The Titanic Machine Learning video series was on the top of Reddit Python for a whole week, and got 20,000 visitors on the first day alone.

You could spend hours and hours every week going through badly written tutorials, wondering How can I use this to make something useful, or you can actually solve practical problems and learn that way.

Join the Data Science Lessons Video Series

Delivered via HD videos (with source code), the lessons cost $25 / month.


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And they come with a 200% money back guarantee

Yes, you read that right. 200%. If you don’t like the lessons, I will give you twice your money back. No questions asked. All I ask is, you give the free videos a try first, so you know what to expect in the paid lessons.



1. What if I hate the course?

If you hate the course, for any reasons, I will offer you twice your money back, no questions asked.

2. How many videos / how many hours of videos will be released a month?

I thought about it myself, but it is hard to quantify because of the way I’m doing things. I work in projects, and some projects maybe tiny, taking an 1/2 an hour or so, while others may continue for hours.

I was originally planning to release the whole project in one go, but that may not be a good idea, as we will go a long time with no videos.

As such, I will release videos every Sunday (as far as I’ve gone into the project). This way, subscribers will get something every week.

As for hours, it will vary around 2-4 hours a month, depending on how complex the projects are.

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