Complete Beginner

Not even sure which programming language to start with? Think git is a skin disease? Then start here.

Which programming language should you learn?  The eternal question. C# or Java? Python or Ruby? Cobol or LolCode (definitely LolCode). This article will answer your questions.

Which language should you choose for web development?  So you have decided to become a web coder. In this article, I will show you why Fortran is the best language for web development.

Which technology should you learn to make the most money? The answer is not what you think.

Python vs Ruby vs Perl : Why can’t you just use LolCode, and stop wasting your time?

Why use a version control system? Because I say so, goddamn it!

Svn vs Git vs Mercurial : The question on everyone’s lips. Read all about it. Only 30p

Why your Resume/CV sucks, and what to do about it – Start by reading this.


Scripting Languages come to dinner In which I make fun of all the scripting languages

Programming languages come to dinner In which I try to be funny again (& fail). I do same as I did above, but with your normal compiled languages.

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