Want to become an expert in Python, but bored of solving Project Euler problems?


So you learned programming. Now what?

Go to any forum and you will get the same cliched advice. Solve boring and impractical mathematical puzzles (like the ones in Project Euler), like that will make you a better programmer.

Or maybe you already know programming. You know you could solve these toy problems, but wonder to yourself: What’s the use? How will solving another prime factorial problem make you a better coder?

But what if you could learn Python by solving real world problems, that not only teach you interesting stuff but are fun to do too?

What if you could learn how Python is used in modern engineering applications, with not a single factorial in sight?

The Python for Engineers course,  based on my highly successful Kickstarter, seeks to teach you advanced Python by building awesome projects.

Practice, not theory

The course will be heavily practical, with little or no theory. The goal is to get you using Python for real world engineering applications. For each topic, we will choose a real case scenario and build a quick solution in Python to solve our problem.

These are the topics we will cover:

Introduction to Python

I will cover the basics of the Python, specifically for the programmers wanting to use Python for engineering.This will be a quick introduction to Python for people who know at least one other programming language.

Image and Video processing

  • Detect faces in images and video (see here for a guest blog on this topic).
  • Sharpen/blur images
  • Count objects in an image
  • Track objects in video by color


Analysis and plotting with Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib

Learn how to work with and graph scientific data




Machine Learning



Statistics and data manipulation

The Python pandas library is Python’s answer to R, and used extensively in financial analysis.

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Using the Multiprocessing module

Embedded Raspberry Pi development with Python


We will go over how to control the Raspberry Pi from your PC, and use it as an embedded micro-controller using Python.

The course is available for Pre-order:

Note: Your credit/debit card won’t be charged until the course is released. See here for details.

Option 1. Get the book, all the code, plus a Virtual Machine to run the examples.

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Option 2: Get the above, plus videos of all the courses.

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1. How do I know the course will ever be released, and my money is safe?

The course is based on my highly successful Kickstarter. So I am legally bound to finish the course.

In addition, I am offering a 100%, no questions asked refund policy. If you don’t love the course, I don’t want your money.

2. When will the course be out?

  • The original Kickstarter will be released in the first week of October, as originally planned.
  • All the stretch goals will be done somewhere around 1st week of December.

3. What’s this Virtual Machine I will get?

The biggest hassle with projects like these is installing libraries, struggling with version differences, 32/64 bit versions of libraries, etc. You can spend more time installing libraries than running the code. For this reason, I will create a Virtual Machine and do most of the testing there. You can have this VM too. It means you can start coding immediately, without wasting any time installing libraries.