Stop Doing Boring Work. Use Python.

Have you spent hours doing the same thing on your computer and thought, Damnit, I should code this away? This book shows you how.

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This is the page for my Kickstarter: which was successfully funded on 9/3/2016.

But you can still pre-order the book, at the same discount that the Kickstarter folks got.

Topics we will cover:

  • Read/Write Ms Word/Pdf files
  •  Automatic report generation
  • Automate system admin tasks. Write scripts that run at fixed times
  • Monitor a file for changes, and run a script when it changes
  • Website automation, including logging into websites, and getting data hidden behind login pages, clicking on buttons etc. Achieved!
  •  Combining data from dozens of files (Excel, text, Csv), removing bad data , and optionally, graphing it.
  • Working with large folder structures, hundreds of files, including removing duplicate files.
  • Multiprocessing: Use all cores on the same machine.
  • Distributed processing: Use external servers to offload tasks
  • Using C/C++ to speed up your code. A section on Numba, a just in time compiler that aims to speed up your code without having to use C/C++

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Delivery Guarantee: I am already committed to delivering the book to Kickstarter supporters, so you know the book will be finished. Also, I have already created 4 earlier books/video courses.

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