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“I can print every bleepin’ Fibonacci number from 1 to a  million, but how does that make me a better Python programmer?”

— From a frustrated Python programmer, who then (probably) proceeded to throw his keyboard across the room.


Learn Python via Practical Projects

Learn by building real life, practical stuff. Stuff you can use immediately.

Have a look at the books/courses available below:

Use Python to Become AWESOME at your job

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Do you sit at your desk, bored out of your mind, clicking buttons?


Use Python to code away the boring parts of your job.

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Python For Hackers

The book that teaches you the best recipes for Icelandic food. Just kidding, we show you how  the basics of hacking using Python. Click the photo below for details.


Python for Scientists and Engineers (Book + Videos)

NOTE: Currently out of print

Learn how Python is used for scientific and engineering applications like Video and Image processing, machine learning, Raspberry Pi, amongst other things.

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